Thursday, April 19, 2018

Mini Mental Status

I turn 65 tomorrow, so Medicare started for me the first day of this month.  My PCP suggested we use my Welcome to Medicare appointment as this year's physical. The surprise was when the nurse taking my vitals and setting me up asked me the date and where I was; then told me she was going to say three words and repeat them back to me, and then ask me to repeat them again a few minutes later; then to draw a clock and put the hands at 11:15.  There were a few other things that were all too familiar.  She's giving me a Mini Mental Status Exam. Huh.  Well of course.  Medicare. I was amused, but oddly, I felt a bit of pressure and anxiety about it. It's going to be a red flag if I don't get this cold. 

So perhaps the day will come when I don't score well, but from long-term memory remember that this is a bad sign.  Will I accept that information then, or make immediate excuses?

One advantage of not taking care of your body very well is you are less likely to have your mind go first. Not 100% true, as there are bad habits that hasten or perhaps activate Alzheimer's. Still, it's way more true than not.

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Deevs said...

Oh, neat. My birthday is the 20th as well. Now besides sharing a birthday with Hitler, I can say I also share a birthday with that guy whose blog I enjoy.