Friday, February 03, 2017

The IQ of Nations

I have not posted on the subject for quite some time, having said pretty much all of what I know a few years ago.  British psychologist James Thompson has an updated discussion on Country IQ's and Their Consequences. I have a good deal of respect for Dr. Thompson, as he has a habit of going at the best criticisms of his work and ideas rather than dismissing them airily and sneering at his worst critics, as is often the case in this field.


Sam L. said...

I doubt that higher high-IQ percentages mean much in socialist countries. They wouldn't have much influence on raising the per-capita income.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

It depresses the effect, yet it still shows through. Russia 1990 was revealed to be extremely poor, peasant poor - but not Africa poor, India poor. Steve Sailer used to write about it a lot a few years ago, you might scrounge around over there and see what you find. As Thompson points out, oil and tourism have been the recent wildcards in the equation.