Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Ladies' Auxiliary

I heard the song over forty years ago, covered by Pete Seeger, who included discussion that the women had complained to Woody that he always sang about the union, but never the Ladies' Auxiliary. So he wrote this. People chuckled over it, but it always rubbed me the wrong way. He's making fun of them specifically - and not especially good-naturedly - and of women in general for other reasons. Maybe you get a pass when you're a folk icon or something. But it's just mean


DOuglas2 said...

I recall reading somewhere that in the discussion when WG was prompted to write the song, he asked "what's wrong with 'Union Miad' then?" and was told "It's not dignified enough."

Sam L. said...

Woody was a communist, I've read.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Somewhat. He wasn't really consistent enough to earn the label. He believed that the little guy was getting a raw deal everywhere, and communists seem to be interested in helping them. I don't think it went much deeper than that.