Monday, June 27, 2016

Stuff White People Like

The fashion has passed, but there is still humor, and wisdom, in returning to the site Stuff White People Like.  It was always, of course, stuff young liberal white people like, with outspill to related others.  Even I, who grew up in a related culture, like some of this stuff.  A young black woman at work who I sent the link to years ago said "I know I'm half-white, but am I really this white?  I like most of this stuff, or my friends do."  I reassure her there was a related phenomenon Stuff Educated Black People Like (Baked chicken.  Talking about moving to Atlanta), in addition to the above qualifiers about what type of white people we were talking about. Notice the repeated references to the idea of coolness and even morality as being a positional good, as in this example:
Often it can be easier to find common ground with a white person by talking to them about something you both hate. Discussing things you both like might lead to an argument over who likes it more or who liked it first. Clearly, the safest route is mutual hatred. When choosing to talk about something that white people hate, it’s best to choose something that will allow white people to make clever comments or at the very least feel better about themselves.


Texan99 said...

Who doesn't like baked chicken, or talking about stuff that makes us feel better about ourselves? :-) But I have to say it never occurs to me to move to Atlanta.

Grim said...

I do know a young lady who does roller derby, now that you mention it.