Sunday, June 12, 2016

Ferguson Effect

It is important to note, even if it is happening, it's not happening everywhere.  But it's intersting that a researcher trying to disprove it has come around to the idea that a version of it might be true, and is in fact his current leading explanation. Caution:  This is the Guardian.  Even when they go against liberal pieties they should be viewed suspiciously. Caution #2. This is still a fairly small sample size.
“The only explanation that gets the timing right is a version of the Ferguson effect,” Rosenfeld said. Now, he said, that’s his “leading hypothesis”.
I don't know myself.  The Ferguson effect has always sounded plausible to me, but I thought it might have confounding factors.  I will note, however, that it is irresponsible for people like Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch, and Eric Holder to go around saying it's not true. 

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Sam L. said...

I suspect part of the resistance to The Ferguson Effect is it seems just too, too obvious. It seems to be what a sensible person would expect to happen, therefore (or thus) it MUST be wrong.