Friday, June 17, 2016

Retirement of School Librarian

Elementary school retirement party for Tracy Wyman. I've never been to one, but I figured I knew what to expect. I was disappointed at first. There were thanking speeches of varying quality but consistent goodwill. There were skits/performances for each, and the one for Tracy was especially skillful, but they didn't have the markers I expected from all-female elementary school educators. They are a type, you know. Finally, it did deteriorate to nine women in frog glasses and tutus, and I felt vindicated in my expectations.

They noted that Tracy had sent over 8,000 cards to students on the internal mail (delivered by second graders) over the years. That's who she is.  The real version of no child left behind.


Retriever said...

Librarians rock! No, I'm not biased (grandfather director of a scholarly library, and most of my family have worked at least part time for awhile in libraries. Tho we cd not cope w the PC climate around us so neither of us retreaded fr our original professions. )

Anyway, good for Tracy! Doing her bit to civilize the barbarian hordes (librarians have been stealth doing that for thousands of years, saying "pssst...have I got something good for you!"

jaed said...

I still fondly remember the librarian at my high school, who allowed me to check out more than the limit of books once she saw that I was reading (and faithfully returning!) one or two a day. ;-)