Friday, December 07, 2012


What is the thinking behind seeing that a call came in and a message was left, and calling back the number instead of listening to the message?  It may be somewhat generational, but I know people my age who do it as well.  It's just weird.  "I saw you called."  Well yeah, I did, and I left a precise message.  Why didn't you listen to that first?

Update:  My commenters have convinced me.  I withdraw my objection.


Sam L. said...

Beats me, and I'm pretty sure I'm older than you. My understanding is that kids just text; they don't want to talk.

terri said...

Its's because you go through the hassle of dialing voicemail, entering your password, choosing the option to listen to messages...only to find out it's a hang up....or someone leaving an imprecise message...or a precise message that requires you to call them anyway.

People do it because it's easier and less time-consuming.

terri said...
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Anthony said...

Terri nails it in one.

Some people I know do that *all the time*, so I don't bother to leave them messages anymore. I was a very late adopter of texting, but now, I'll just send a text if all I want to do is send a short message that doesn't actually require much conversation.

On facebook, an image went around with the caption "At the tone, please hang up and send me a short text message. I don't have time to listen to long voicemails."

It's a bit rude, but it's pretty tempting.