Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Double Rainbow

I'm sure you've seen this.  But references to this are part of the family culture betweeen Kyle and me now, so I thought I'd bring it out again.


Gringo said...

Rigght after this posting you have a “Grammar Rule” posting abourt about "everyone except me," in the interest of proper English.

In this posting you write, "between Kyle and I." My understanding of English leads me to conclude that "between Kyle and me" is the correct form. Was the "everyone except me" an attempt to appease the Grammar Gods after writing "between Kyle and I?" Or were you trying for comedic effect? Or were you even aware you had made the mistake?

It is a hoot to commit a grammar mistake and right after to post about proper grammar, with no comment about the previous mistake. From an engineer to a drama major. Just sayin’……

What grammar misteaks, other than my spelling of "mistake," can you detect in my posting? It wouldn't surprise me if I had made one.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Busted. Fixed.
+1 to you.

free lance writing jobs said...

I've never seen double rainbow. It's a rarity as I understand..