Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tired of 9/11

I couldn't get away from memorialising 9/11 today. There was even a good-sized section cut into the worship service. The emotions are powerful enough that a lot of people feel that they just have to express them formally, or worse, use them to strike particular notes. Jonathan Last had a post that I think refocuses the perspective off the towers and onto the beginning of the resurgence, with Flight 93. HT: Steve Sailer


Dubbahdee said...

Yes. I purposefully avoided attention to any media coverage of today's commemorations.

I do not begrudge those who feel the need to relive that day over and over again. To each his own. I rather feel that I know what happened, and while I acknowledge it, I do not care to marinate my spirit in it.

This is the first I've mentioned of that to anyone. I fear it would be taken as bad form.

Texan99 said...

From Steve Sailer's comment: "For about two hours, the bad guys seemed to have invented an unstoppable new strategic weapon, with who know what dire long term consequences, but then it proved they were stoppable by unarmed frequent flyers. And there haven’t been any kamikaze hijackings since Flight 93."

In a million years I couldn't have predicted how the passengers of Flight 93 would react. I do remember the first time I flew after 9/11. Someone suggested that we look at each other and reflect that these were the people we might be called on to join forces with in response to an emergency.