Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Don't be alarmed if you don't get most of the references.  Neither did we, though we got the idea.

Actually, I still don't get most of the references, just the tone of them. I remember that classmate Marnie Joyce understood many and explained them to us. Marnie had other qualities that were far more impressive, but I, geek that I was, was most impressed with that.


Sam L. said...

Don't remember the name, but I sure remember the voice. Clothes by Balmain, French designer. Fancy college degree, Sorbonne. Skiing in St. Moritz. The Aga Khan--a title we just don't hear any more, like 30 or more likely 40. I don't think I ever listened to the words, before.

Dubbahdee said...

An even suntan.
On your back.
and on your legs.

how droll.

Sponge-headed ScienceMan said...

With his clever lyrics, I take it he was trying to be the European Bob Dylan. Hey buddy, I knew Bob Dylan and you're no Bob Dylan.