Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I heard the song on the radio. Wondered what was up. Looked it up.

You can't embed the original video, but it's here. A different impression.

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Gringo said...

Ah yes, Lyle Lovett. Even Tea-Sippers must admit that Aggie Lyle, a.k.a. the Pride of Tomball, has done good.

I don't know how much coverage Lyle gets in NH, but apparently sufficient that you heard him on the radio.

Lyle Lovett has an eclectic approach that has long been common to TX music. Western Swing combined pop, jazz, folk, and blues. Willie Nelson had problems in Nashville because of the eclectic approach ingrained in TX music didn't mesh with "pure" country.

In the name of TX electic, I present Brave Combo, which is a neo-polka outfit out of Denton TX. Here they do the People Are Strange Polka, with apologies to the Doors.