Saturday, November 27, 2010

Real Ad?

Is this a legit ad from 1964? Not something unapproved and resurrected out of context now? Seriously?


Gringo said...

It could be fiction. OTOH, we are dealing with LBJ. Recall the Daisy/Nuclear Bomb ad, courtesy of Bill Moyers, everyone's favorite self-righteous attack dog. I wouldn't have put it past LBJ. It might have been made but never aired. The Daisy Ad was aired only once, IIRC.

Here is one argument against the ad- or at least against airing it. LBJ had Lady Bird do a whistle stop tour of the South in defense of the Civil Rights Bill. That was one gutsy lady. I doubt that he would court the South with his wife's tour, and simultaneously stick his thumb in the South's eye.

Lady Bird is near the top of my list. When my brother was in elementary school, a classmate of his wrote Lady Bird regarding her beautification campaign. She took the time to call my brother's classmate at the school. Thank you, Lady Bird.

Sam L. said...

I don't remember ever seeing this, but it could be real, it could have been run in some areas--though not in the south, I suspect. Wouldn't surprise me.