Saturday, November 20, 2010


Hire one boy, you get one boy's work.
Hire two boys, you get half a boy's work.
Hire three boys, you get no work at all.

For similar reasons, the word "intelligence" can be substituted.

Sorry, I don't know what the equation is for girls.


Anna said...

Here I can help you:
Hire one girl, get half a girl's work
Hire two girls, get zero work
Hire three girls, they gang up and kick you out.

Hire a girl who actually works, and the other girls do all they can to make her leave as soon as possible.

Dubbahdee said...

I don't understand this "hire, hire" talk.

Draft them, I say. This here army AIN'T no volunteer army.

'course, at first (for the first X years) you need to work right beside 'em to get any work out of em. Ride 'em like a carnival pony.

But I am not a good father. Nor a father of boys. But I remember being a boy, and I learned to work by working alongside a man who showed me how to do it.

Gringo said...

So much for "many hands make light work."

GM Roper said...

"Sorry, I don't know what the equation is for girls."

Coward! :-)

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Both are true. I don't know the equation for girls, but I am wary of offering theories because I am a coward.

Ymar said...

It really depends on if you have a leader of sub-leader to organize the girls.

If two girls both respect one girl and that girl is responsible in handling her influence and power, you get more than 3X the work of one girl.

If two boys both acknowledge the authority of the third boy and the third boy is motivated to get things done, then you get more than 3X the work of a single boy.

Organizing large groups is the same as organizing small groups. It's just a matter of scale.