Sunday, November 28, 2010

Miami Heat Trend

I haven't seen this mentioned. Not only are the Heat losing, their margins of victory when they win are shrinking, and margins of loss when they lose increasing. That seems ominous. A team that is blowing people out and losing close games on alternate nights is a team that just needs to gel, as they say - smooth out some rough edges, change a few things around so that the close losses become close wins. That's not what is happening now.

Thousands of people are analysing what is going wrong - I don't profess to understand it very well - but the trend is not good.


Gringo said...

Schaudenfreude.[spelling?] At least for me.

I wonder if Pat Riley is delaying becoming the coach himself because he realizes that this year the Heat do not have the right mix to win.

GraniteDad said...

I disagree- things are looking VERY GOOD!