Thursday, November 04, 2010


My office-mate and the woman across the hall discuss Dancing With The Stars frequently. I roll my eyes (not in view), but it occurred to me that I discuss sports. Not very different.

Taking it one step further, we all watch Dancing With The Stars.

If you watch the news, it's just another version of DWTS.
If you watch NCIS, it's just DWTS where the moves are serious facial expressions and pronouncements.
Letterman and John Stewart are just DWTS where the moves are condescension and insult

Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, and Glee are just DWTS.


Retriever said...

I don't watch any of them, tho I would probably watch NCIS if my family didn't object (we have only the one TV). I like House, but they hate it (so I don't get to watch it except when spouse is out of town). We all used to watch Babylon 5, Stargate and assorted other Sci Fi series until they took SciFi off the basic satellite TV.
My daughter and I like "What not to Wear" but the snobs in the family will not allow it to sully the screen...sheesh. When I die and go to Heaven I shall watch junk TV all day and all night and no more talk of things being educational or edifying....heheh

Dubbahdee said...


(another) Jonathan said...

Yes, it's all entertainment. At least DWTS, sports, WWF etc. are honest about being entertainment.

Good point too about the lefty comedians. They also function as reinforcers of tribal/religious identity for some of the people who join them in their group sneers.

Ymar said...

Retriever, I just get the torrents of the various tv shows. I don't watch any tv at all.

Ymar said...

Only time I was ever able to finish an entire series from start to finish is off torrents.

Using tv schedules was too unreliable. When TIVO came around the corner, all the cable shows started going stupid Leftist so it wasn't like anything good was being produced compared to Japanese tv.