Tuesday, August 17, 2010


When I posted two weeks ago about the vagaries of memory, I should have included this.

The point in this song, of course, is that the man is wrong at every point.

I doubt that.


Sam L. said...

When I saw "GiGi", I was appalled. The best possible outcome for her was to become some rich guy's mistress! Her goal in life!

Now that was 15-20 years ago when I saw it, with my late wife. Perhaps I misremember.

What say you?

Leslie said...

I think you misremember just a bit. Gigi's aunt felt that way, but her grandmother (having lived that life) had come to feel differently and was sympathetic to Gigi's wish to marry. Though Gigi acquiesced to becoming Gaston's mistress as the only way to be with the man she loved, Gaston, in turn, realized it was better to marry her. And they lived happily ever after... we hope.
Re the song, I think it was intended ironically and that there was some selective memory operating on the woman's part as well. (I am a woman, by the way.)

Leslie said...

Dear Sam -- or perhaps I misunderstood the intent of your exclamation marks. Perhaps, realistically, it would have been better for her to be his mistress (with the contract her relatives had drawn up) and invest wisely for the day she found herself on her own. But I like to think that Gaston truly loved her and was ready for married life.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Leslie, see the update. Heh.


Sam L. said...

Perhaps I do misremember; wouldn't surprise me.
And the exclamation marks--I was appalled by what I saw and heard then.
I could well have missed the subtleties. It was a long-enough time ago.

I am not sufficiently interested in re-watching the movie to find out, though.