Tuesday, December 09, 2008


I should be switching over to Twitter at this point - blogging is passe - but I'm not an instant-network sort of guy. I don't do much where it matters to even my most intimate friends that they know right away.

I can see where we might have used it traveling when the boys were older, instant messaging "Metro 1 Stop 3 Lunch 1:30?" and receiving 3 OK's and an "I M @ Stop 3, where r u?" but those would all have been in Europe. It would be great in an emergency of some sort, which usually means "blizzard" up here, but I would have to be charged up and facile enough on normal days to be useful in an emergency.

I wouldn't be as bothered by the textspeak anymore - I regard it as a code I don't know, not bad English. When the next tech level comes and it's all by voice it might get weird. Those of us who mutter to ourselves may find our disjointed thoughts going out on network.


Ben Wyman said...

Twittering doesn't fit you at all. Don't let anyone try to talk you into it for any reason, or suggest that you would like it once you started. You wouldn't.

No one but Wymans find the verification word of interest, but I got "bilurash," which sounds like something I'd very much not get.

Dubbahdee said...

Twitter strikes me as perfectly and completely to teenage sensibilities. It isn't really about comfort or competence with "technology." It's just that youngsters have nothing better to do, and like nothing better than to twitter away their days chattering and yammering with each other. Twitter provides a new way of doing it, but it's the same activity. I can't see people in their late twenties and thirties continuing to carry this behavior onwards. few people with a families and real jobs have time for this.
So...don't feel bad about not twittering any more than you would not feel bad if you did not fit in to a group of chattering 14 year old girls.