Thursday, December 18, 2008


The Celtics won their 16th straight, getting up into the territory where sportswriters just have to comment about where it falls in relation to the record and to other streaks. As they aren't even halfway to the record, and it really doesn't matter, it gets rather tedious.

It was good to catch up on Atlanta again. They are a very good team, just a little thin on the bench. Two more rotation players, or one starter that pushes a current guy back in the rotation, and this is a championship team. Al Horford turned out to be a much better choice than Joakim Noah.

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Ben Wyman said...

I recorded the game to DVR, and watched it at night when I got back to my apartment. With two minutes left and the score tied, the DVR timed out, and I had to go online to find out what happened. Sigh. Great game, though. Rondo keeps making giant leaps forward.