Tuesday, December 09, 2008

All-Blacks Haka

I didn't know what a haka was until my brother sent me the clip. I knew the New Zealand All-Blacks were traditionally intimidating, but this scares the pants off me right through the computer screen. It's fine as long as you're just watching it as a show, but when you look at these guys and think of grappling in a scrum or encountering two of them in the open field...

It's when you see the other guys looking at them warily, and realise that hell, they are Six Nations Rugby professionals, and they look a little uncertain.


Anonymous said...

Haka is also performed by the University of Hawaii football players before each game, all the home ones at least.

Erin said...

Chris beat me to it.

I saw something similar in Hawaii, but it's less intimidating when they wear grass skirts.

Hehe...my word verification is "afoof"

eilandkind/islandchild said...

Don't be fooled, that is MY team, the South African Springboks watching the Kiwi's doing their 'haka' and the Springboks are fearless!
This is a 'new-looking' haka, it used to look quite different from what they are doing now, the previous one looked scarier.