Sunday, December 14, 2008

Power Outage

The power just came back on after being out since 12/11. I'll get something up soon.


Anonymous said...

I remember the ice storm of '73, where we had no power for three days and were grateful for fireplaces, which occurred about the same time of year.
Nature is still there,with or without global warming.

Larry Sheldon said...

Where are you that the power was out so long--didn't see mention of it anywhere I look.

And it is eye-opening when you you realize just how dependent you are on electric power.

I recall as a little kid being thankful that the gas stove (including the oven) worked when the powe was out.

Now ALL we have is the Franklin stove downstairs (the "fireplace" in the Great Room burns wood, but by design does not do much of anything useful, like heat the room.

Anonymous said...

Been there and done that on the power outage. It makes one appreciate the luxury of a continuous, uninterrupted supply of electricity, does it not?

Erin said...

New England. NH and MA declared states of emergency. I'm in central MA and many towns are without power still (storm hit Thursday night). My in-laws' town looks like an ice-filled tornado whipped through it.

Larry Sheldon said...

Well, well. Ripped off again. He _promised_me_ that is wqas going to get warmer.

Currently zero here in the middle.

At least the wind has died down so we don't have the multidigit negative windchill thing. Even out doors.