Thursday, July 26, 2007


My very liberal uncle for whom I am named and who I am actually fond of still, sends me just about every paranoid leftie thing that crosses his path. Long rants about the Bush administration and fascism, highly slanted economic news, etc. He just sent this one. Notice especially the two links he adds as vouching for this story: huffpo and tinyurl.
Hi David
A pronouncement from your favorite leader
I look forward to your stout defense of Bush's utterance
(This one will test ya )
Dave...grinning evilly

During a question-and-answer session with reporters in the
White House Rose Garden, President Bush suggested
Tuesday that the war in Iraq has not been successful
the nation's armed forces are "just not very good."
"When the decision was made to liberate Iraq, I was going
on what my advisers were telling me and what everyone has
said for nearly a century葉hat the U.S. military is the best in
the world," Bush said. "But if that were the case, and we did

have the most powerful army, navy, marines, and air force
on the globe, we would be winning, right?"
The president admitted that he'd been toying with the idea
that a thorough lack of quality in personnel, from the top U.S.
commander to the lowest-ranked private, is the only way to
account for the colossal failure in Iraq, given that everything
on the administrative side of the war has been carried
out with the utmost care and precision.
"I know the folks on our end didn't drop the ball," Bush said.
"The civilian oversight of this war and the plan of attack has
been brilliant. There's no doubt about that in my mind. Hate
to say it, but maybe our men and women in uniform just
aren't what they're cracked up to be."

The piece in question is not a real quote, however. It's a satire piece from The Onion.

My uncle is in many ways a clever guy. But the American left can no longer tell satire from reality. Okay, unfair generalization. Much of the American left can no longer tell satire from reality.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I just got this GREAT e-mail from a buddy. If you send an e-mail to MicrSoft they will send you 25 cents. Doesn't sound like much, but you can send as many e-mails as you want; they are testing this new beta e-mail system and they need high volumes of incoming mail to test the system...What?

Wait a minute. No. NO! It's for real! I'm sure. The same guy that sent it is the guy I told you about that knows this guy who gets 25 percent of every payment made from North American customers to this Chinese furniture factory. Yeah. He's going to use his bank account so that the guy in China can get paid instead of people sending over money orders and stuff. And he keeps 25 percent!

You know that Dick Cheney has a controlling interest in Halliburton and all the oil companies, right? Why else do you think we're still in Iraq? It's because Cheney and his buddies in big oil jacked up all the prices...


I mean it.


Dan Patterson
Arrogant Infidel

Unknown said...

Ah... and CNN is now occasionally linking to The Onion... not the articles (yet), but the user comments.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

You're kidding.

terri said... you point out his glaring mistake, or silently let him continue in his anti-Bush delusion?

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Silently let him continue... my sons would find it amusing that you asked that.

The argument has been ten years long. I have not been gentle, though I have tried to be.

terri said...

Although...presumably he has a computer, e-mail, and internet access. Also, presumably he knows of your blog?

I guess this is a way of pointing out his error without directly confronting him.

Maybe he's reading this very comment.

Hi AVI's Uncle!

Ben Wyman said...

Oh, it's not like you've tried that hard. You haven't spent years of your life and a good portion of your intellect trying to point out the flaws in his reasoning.

Alright, fine, you have. But it hasn't killed you yet.

Anonymous said...

I have a conservative brother-in-law who sends me "urban legend" stuff he found on the internet all the time about crazy liberals.

What do you make of that ? Oh yeah - most conservatives are gullible idiots so mired in their bias they don't even get the joke. Of course.

If I were you, I'd spend more time asking myself "Why has this war - for which most conservatives such as myself and my commenters were mindless cheerleaders, steeped in delusions - turned into a disaster for Iraq and the U.S. military, weakened our national security and strengthened our enemies?" than basking in your presumed superiority to your uncle.

Anonymous said...

I have learned that basking in my own presumed superiority is a lot more fun than wallowing in pointless self-recrimination about events over which I have little or no control.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

"mindless cheerleaders" a ridiculous characterization. Want to debate it?

"steeped in delusions" those words have actual meanings. Want to debate it?

"disaster for Iraq" I disagree. Want to debate it?

"disaster for the US military." I disagree. Want to debate it?

"weakened our national security." Compared to...? Want to debate it?

"strengthened our enemies" We continue to have disarray, but the one thing are enemies are not is "strengthened." Want to debate it?

Or was your goal just to come by and defecate on the rug as many times as possible in two minutes?