Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Curves is the Heart of Goffstown

This is the Assistant Village Idiot's wife. He asked me to post on this topic. I've been going to the local Curves for 4 1/2 years. It's the only exercise program I've stuck with - even through surgery and various injuries. I like the fact that you don't get bored because you are constantly moving from machine to machine. I like the fact that it's quick and I can do it on the way home from school. But I know I've stuck with it because of the women who run it and the women who go. We play silly games and have a lot of fun. Our Bible study group did a Willow Creek study on evangelism called "Walk across the room". Kathy and I kept talking about the women we met at Curves so much that Sue decided to join. I come home with all kinds of local tidbits to tell my husband. I had recently commented to him that the local hamburger stand was now serving souvlaki and we ought to go. Well, today I met AT CURVES the sister of the man who used to own Magoo's. She informed me that her brother had sold the business and moved down to Florida with their mother. He had sold the business to a Greek. All made perfect sense. So I told David, "See, Curves is really the heart of Goffstown."


Anonymous said...

It used to be Linda's Coffee Shop back in the day (the 80's seem so long ago). Alas, the door to Curves is barred to the likes of me.

joated said...

The wife started at Curves two weeks ago. It's amazing all the things she has communicated to me about our little college town. She was out of town and missed church today--the first day of a new priest--and can't wait to get to Curves tomorrow to find out what everybody thinks of him.