Friday, June 29, 2007

Sports Roundup

Ben was present at Craig Biggio’s 3000th hit last night, and blogged about Frank Thomas’s 500th home run. He notes steroids have cheapened that standard even for those who didn’t use them. I commented over at his site, which I summarize here: If steroids are removed from the picture, Bonds, Sosa, & Sheffield are all possibly out of baseball by now. Bonds finishes with about 600 HR, and the other two join McGwire and Palmiero topping out at about 400 HR. In such an atmosphere, Ken Griffey’s run up to 600 HR looks more impressive, and the Thomas, Thome, Ramirez, Rodriguez group getting to 500 this year doesn’t look like such an overload.

Romania is at the top of its flight in the Eurocup, and Charlie Davies got his first goal for Hamarby. Davies is a local boy who will likely be on the 2008 Olympic and 2010 World Cup soccer teams even though he’s still young.

The Boston Celtics traded their 1st round pick and two guards for SG Ray Allen. That doesn’t put them in contention for the Eastern Finals, but it should put them in the playoffs … agggh! No! I’m doing it again! I’m doing it agaaaaiin.


Ben Wyman said...

So, a starting line-up of Jefferson/Allen/Pierce plus... uh... Tony Allen and Gerald Green, probably? With Rondo and Scalabrine off the bench.

Well... it's not bad. I'm happier with it than Jefferson/Pierce/Yi Jianlian/Delonte/Sczerbiak. Not a lot happier, but happier. And it really does potentially help the Sonics, who now have Durant/Lewis/Green/Delonte as a base. I'd go see that team.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Probably Rondo instead of Tony Allen. I just read over at ESPN that shooting guards go precipitously downhill after age 32, Reggie Miller being the lone exception. Ray Allen is 31.5, with bad ankles.

I am guessing that Gomes and Perkins are going to get plenty of minutes, and the two later picks by the Celts will get a good look.