Tuesday, June 05, 2007

German Brain Drain

We again have news that the educated young people are leaving the western European countries. This time it's Germany (again), which had its largest emigration since just after WWII. The numbers aren't huge against a population of 80M, but when your fertility level is already low, and inching toward lowest low, from which no nation has (yet) recovered, these are the last folks you want to see moving out.

It's considered polite for Americans to look on this demographic suicide in Europe with sympathy and sadness, and I should. But I confess I take a secret glee in it, because of the arrogance which European media and elites display toward America. The population in general is much less antipathetic to Yanks, but we don't get to hear about that so much.

HT: Brussels Journal

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Purple Avenger said...

When the Muslims finally take Europe, they'll deserve whatever is left ;->

The smart ones see the handwriting on the wall and are getting the hell out while they still can with fortunes relatively intact.