Friday, June 01, 2007

Backpacking for Bette

I will be backpacking this weekend with three of my four sons. I have even done a little training for the event, as a moderate hike is no longer moderate for me, but difficult. At least I no longer have to carry all their stuff as well as my own.

We will be tracking down a Bette Davis legend, and hope to have photos. It's not often that we have an actual connection to a bit of film legend trivia.

I will try and think deep thoughts to write about upon return.

I said "try."

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Anonymous said...

Yes I heard about that, I believe. Wasn't she rescued by a local, who she then fell in love with? If you get the chance go talk to Steve Smith at the Mtn. Wanderer in Lincoln. He'll know all about it.
Supposedly there is also a copper mine some where up there, that is why it is called coppermine ravine and col and trail.
Have fun and be safe, I hope the bugs aren't that bad and there isn't any snow. The bugs weren't too bad last friday, so you might luck out.