Monday, November 20, 2006

Underground DSM-IV: (Not) Going To Rehab

The DSM-IV is the diagnostic manual for psychiatry. My underground version will make you familiar with elements of the mental health biz that we know, but don't tell our clients.

This is a reprise of a post last November.

It is not a good sign for someone to use the words "whatever it takes," when describing their readiness to stop substance abuse. You would think that is precisely the attitude you would want a user to take, but somehow that particular phrase is a red flag. It will be replaced in 24-48 hours by some... hedging... about how this rehab thing... is going to play out in practical reality.

There is the Goldilocks version of this growing avoidance: That rehab is too far. That rehab is too near. No rehab is just right. Repeat indefinitely.
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