Saturday, November 11, 2006


You learned here first that the village scenes in "Borat" were not filmed in Kazakhstan, but in the Romanian village of Glod. You can now amaze your friends with the knowledge that Glod is a gypsy village in Romania. My son Chris, a fair authority on gypsy villages, assures me of this.

My stomach hurts from laughing. It is, however, tres rude, and a significant percentage of females might declare this "not funny." I don't think this will be an oft-quoted comedy that becomes legendary after it has its run in the theaters, like Princess Bride or Monty Python...Holy Grail. Much of the humor is slapstick visual and depends more on timing and shock value. More than once I buried my face in my hands murmuring. "I can't believe this."


bs king said...

It always amuses me that the statement "many females will find this "not funny"" pretty much gaurantees that I will. Then again, I already know I will, since I started watching da Ali G Show in 2003 or so. God bless the BBC.

Bird Dog said...

It sounds adolescent, crude, gross, lacking in substance, and silly.

That is to say, my kind of movie!