Sunday, November 12, 2006

An Ex-Jihadist Opinion

This is ahem, just one man's opinion about what cause Islamic jihad. Unfortunately for the conventional wisdom, it is a man well-placed to know the answer.


Anonymous said...

Execellent reference, AVI. That was a very good article.


Dubbahdee said...

I'm a little late commenting here, but I've been rolling this over in my mind for a while now. This is not too far from how I envision the future may unfold. For some time now, certainly since 9/11, I have had this premonitory sense that we are entering into an age of cataclysmic conflict, of which we are only seeing the beginning stages.
In short, I suspect that the muslim radicals are going to continue to attack the non-muslim world with ever greater intensity until their attacks can no longer be ignored. I expect these attacks will ultimately include not only the U.S. and it's allies, but also China and it's allies, as well as South America and Africa. At a certain point, the muslim radicals will have created for themselves a clear division of the world into muslim and infidel -- and that division will be clearly felt by everyone. When the attacks become too dangerous to the Non-Muslim World (NMW) the NMW will go to war against muslim world with everything it has. I envision a combination of Hot War and non-linear combat spanning the globe. The moderate islamic voices we like to hear today will have long before been drowned out, and the hot conflict will not sort them out but will sweep them up. Millions and millions of innocent will die, including many here in North America. It will be bloody and horrible and it will reshape the world.
I am not an analyst. I have no formal education in geopolitical analysis. This is more of a vision, a gestalt, that comes to me of the future path that the Muslim radicals are taking us. They will not stop, until they are stopped, and no half measure will do it. I hope I am wrong, but I fear I am not.

<>< Dubbahdee