Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Partial Credit

I predicted that the speaker for Grand Rounds would make a political comment, even though it would be off-topic. With my earlier discussion of tribes and trust cues, I noted that there are comments and identifiers that people use to show they are true members of any tribe. In human services, anti-conservative or anti-Republican jokes are a trust cue and an easy laugh-getter. The speaker’s professional website had more than a few nutroots-style comments about Bush, not merely disagreeing with him but accusing him of sociopathy, narcissism, etc.

Technically I was correct, as he did make an unnecessary political comment. I don’t think I should claim full credit, however, as the comment was prompted by a question from the audience. A gentleman with a goatee and a battered narrow tie asked if the speaker thought there would be more money for expensive talk therapies now, and would insurers be made to pay for them, now that the Democrats had won the election.* The speaker laughed that he was happier, anyway, which was not really on point to the question but drew appreciative chuckles nonetheless.

I think I get less than half-credit for that prediciton.

*Yes, good sir, and the flowers will have brighter colors and young maidens will dance flirtatiously in a row. Huzzah!

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Ben Wyman said...

Were the Republicans this insufferable about how everything was going to change for the better when we first got the majority? I'm sure they were, but I don't remember it being as incredibly pervasive.