Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sleep Problems

The number one trick to if you frequently have the problem of not being able to get back to sleep – particularly in the last two hours before arising: do not look at the clock.

You can turn the clock away at bedtime. The alarm will still go off. You can eliminate all clocks between your bed and the bathroom. It will take anywhere from one week to two months to change the habit, but it works. Average sleep gain for 453 participants after six months was almost 30 minutes. If you take that number apart, figuring that some people will have sleep problems that require more serious intervention, you can figure that some significant percentage of the test subjects got 45-60 minutes of improvement.

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Woody said...

In fact, you get more sleep gain if you have no clock or alarm at all.

This sounds a little strange. I'm guessing that by noticing the time that one starts calculating things like how much sleep you have had to that point and how much more you might get before you have to wake up.

Did the study determine why this should work?