Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The AVI Asks The Obvious

I grant that some of this international relations PR stuff is beyond me, but as an Assistant Village Idiot I have to wonder. Hezbollah is declaring victory, and even conservative commentators seem to agree with them. The rallying cry of “We hid behind women and children, got our asses kicked, but some of us are still alive! Neener neener neener” doesn’t seem like a victory slogan to me. I know that the PR war is subtle, but why are we falling for this?

Another AVI question. With all the discussion of the UN’s involvement, why is no one asking “Are you going to enforce the disarming of Hezbollah?” Is it because everyone knows the answer, and knows that the answer is not acceptable? It seems to be one of those Soviet things in which no one ever asks “Hey, where did Comrade Alexandrovich go?” Everyone colludes with the dishonesty. It’s the simplest question. It is the only thing that will help the situation. But no one is asking.

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