Friday, August 04, 2006

I Accuse Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch has condemned Israel for a consistent failure to distinguish between civilians and combatants. This incident of the attack on Syrian and Kurdish farm workers was cited.

If you put that together with this article, which describes the ramping up of Iranian shipments of arms before a cease-fire, through exactly the place mentioned above, I have a different accusation. I accuse Human Rights Watch of a consistent failure to distinguish between civilians and combatants.

One of the reasons for the Geneva Conventions, which distinguishes between uniformed combatants and civilians is expressly for the purpose of protecting the civilians. You can try to dress up a lamb chop like a salad, but when the wolves find out it’s meat, they’re gonna eat it.


LiquidLifeHacker said...

What I find ridiculous, is how the Human Watch says that when they investigated it all, that there wasn't hezbollah present when they checked out the civilian places that were bombed, now duh!!!! Do they really think that by the time they got there, that hezbollah terrorist are going to stick around after they fire rockets behind certain areas and ummm, be standing there still for photo opts? These guys are not in uniforms and after they do their dirty deeds they quickly are capable of meshing amongst the others! I mean come on....if hezbollah terrorist were standing right there when they did these investigations, Human Watch wouldn't even know them from another!!!! Heck, how do they know that the witnesses they talk to are not hezbollah or persons that are paid by or intimidated by hezbollah????? It just gripes me to no end that all of a sudden Human Rights Watch can tell who is lying and who isn't!!! Do they have some radar or some special truth serum that we are not aware of????????

Assistant Village Idiot said...

No, they have secret Vulcan mind rays.

katje said...

What really needs to stop is this selective enforcement/use of the Geneva Conventions at the convenience of Political Correctness. I think it needs to be observed - rigourously. Especially the parts about spies, uniforms, EPW's and the chain of command. There are also numerous provisions made for visitation/contact by the ICRC to verify status and condition of prisoners. And another: We all need to stand up and say a resounding "Bollocks!" to Human Rights Watch, the UN, Amnesty International and every other group out there who can't discern the difference between inconvenience (as in loud music and sleep deprivation) and genuine torture (like the removal of body parts like fingernails, facial features, and appendages, or burning, electrocution, gang-rape/sodomy, drowning, starvation, beating and the like). Moral equivalency is one of the worst crimes there is: it not only puts the weapons in the hands of the perpetrators, but selects the victims, renders them available, and then justifies (or in some cases even glorifies) the crimes. And then pats itself on the back and feels better about itself for having done so.

katje said...

Where are you AVI? I miss your posts..

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Thanks. I've been lazy. Just put two up, though.