Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Survival of Western Culture

Jerry Bowyer over at Tech Central Station, has an interesting article abour the survival of Western Culture entitled The Renewal of the West. He takes as a jumping-off point Pat Buchanan's comment that if the ideals of Madison and Jefferson survived another 200 years in America, but by that time most Americans were brown and yellow and black, it would be a "disaster and a tragedy."

Buchanan is just nuts on this point. If I get brought to the future, see an America with few white people, but the citizens are largely Christian, market-believing, eccentrics who like reading to their children (or whatever the equivalent is then), I'm just tickled pink. Or brown. I might have some curiosity what my own legacy was, and where my descendants are, but if some genealogical tracer-bot identifies "those two brown families over there are part you," I'm fine with that. If one of them is wearing a Hawaiian shirt or is very big on C. S. Lewis, my life is complete.

One of the reasons why I care so little for preserving "the environment" according to some artificial standard that bobos have left over from their stays at summer camp, it's because I value the other legacy - the legacy of ideas - so much more.

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Jerub-Baal said...

Humorous and completely to the point...kudos!