Monday, June 05, 2006

Another Good Reason For Elections

Every two years, the American people get to remind the NY Times, CBS, etc, that right or wrong, the MSM is not in the center of the electorate. The Republicans in Congress are running slightly rightward these days. You can call it pandering, and that’s part of the truth. But you can also see it as remembering. It certainly must be difficult to hold in mind while you’re in Washington, where everyone keeps telling you that conservatism is a losing strategy and that you’re on the fringe, who it is that elected you. I intend no snark with that. I’m sure it really is difficult to see where the center is when you interact with the MSM and lobbyists all the time. It’s just our way of reminding you, guys and gals. If we left you on your own your environment would gradually turn you into liberals.

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