Thursday, May 25, 2006

Reprise of the Psychbloggers

I read so many things worth saving, but can't take on the weight of the world with that. I'm not really a link-site sorta guy. But I thought I could reprise some comments from other psychbloggers, helping their ideas resist the long twilight of digital storage.

Actually, that they will be stored at all, to be absorbed in seconds by robots smarter than us in 2040 after the Singularity, is a better fate than most thinkers have had before the 21st C. But until then, we poor humans must do the work ourselves, sharing wisdom as we find it. The following articles are buried in psychblogger archives but have stayed with me and seem worth exhuming.

Gagdad Bob over at OneCosmos had an analysis of the liberal ghost dance that I found truly original and provoking.

Dr. Sanity plays on the themes of defense mechanisms as they relate to groups quite often, and is impossible to summarise on that. But her analysis (she tag-teamed nicely with neo-neocon on this) of shame and guilt cultures is an excellent introduction to her thought.

Neo-neocon writes thoughtfully and wisely on a wide range of subjects, and her commenters are often worth reading as well. I chose her series on the varieties of pacifism as particularly good, and I liked her thoughts on why therapists tend to be liberal.

Shrinkette tends to be a link site, so I don't have anything special from her, but she finds things no one else does and is always interesting. GM's Corner and Sigmund, Carl, and Alfred also link heavily, but I have kept the former's reflections on cancer and the latter's psychiatrist's observations on a meeting both stuck in the memory.

Shrinkwrapped tends to have continuity of subject without being repetitive. The series on Narcissism, Malignant Narcissism, and Paranoia was particularly good.

OK So I'm Not Really A Cowboy is new, I think, and trying to start up a Carnival of Psychbloggers. I'm not going to single anything of his out, as I've only been reading him a few days. Smart and funny.

Dr. Helen doesn't need any help from me, right?

You can touch down anywhere in my archives and become rapidly wise, of course. It's a natural talent I have.

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Anonymous said...

AVI, thanks for the mention. The Cancer post you referred to is one of my favorites too.