Monday, May 08, 2006

NH Primary

The NH Primary vote is in February 2008. We used to expect candidates to show up about a year before the primary, but it's been creeping backward. So far John McCain has already visited, and I'm sure there are others under the radar, pretending that they just happened by to address the Chamber of Commerce in Warner or Woodstock. Shazzam! Is there a primary here? Well Golleee!

We took the older boys around to the speeches as part of their education when they were younger. Jonathan got to interview Dick Lugar and ask Bob Kerrey a question; Ben got to talk to George Bush and get his autograph. They were both impressed with the Secret Service agents at the free dinner sponsored by Al Gore in '88. The two Romanians are going to miss that experience somewhat. They arrived in 2001 (we celebrate their fifth anniversary here later this month), and in 2004 there was not a lot happening in the Republican primary. The educational experience of watching the Democrats did not appeal to Chris and John-Adrian. Their Romanian background makes them intensely anti-socialist, very pro-life, and pro-military for getting rid of bad guys, so they make me look like Howard Dean by comparison.

Not only have the midterm elections not occurred, the opposition candidates have not announced (In NH, Congressmen Bass and Bradley are moderate Republicans in a state that is slowly becoming Blue). But I expect the Presidential candidates to start showing up with increasing frequency. I might take on attendance at campaign events as a blogging responsibility. In the army of Davids, I actually am a David.

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