Monday, May 29, 2006

More World Cup Info (for you ungrateful clowns)

You've already shown you aren't interested in the preliminaries designed to reduce the 32 remaining teams to 16. But if you have any national feeling at all, you have to be alert to the draw for the US team. We have the most difficult draw of any team in the tournament. We are in the only group of four which has 3 excellent teams (France and Spain, in contrast, should walk through to the round of 16), and if we finish second in that group (very possible, as the Czechs are #2 in the world), we will be rewarded by playing Brazil, #1 in the world, in the next round.

Technically, I suppose, you could say the Italians have a tougher draw because they have to play the US, ranked anywhere from #5-9 in the world, as well as the Czechs and Brazilians.

The Czech Republic has some injuries. That might help us squeeze by.

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