Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Quotes by Clark Kerr, Chancellor of UC-Berkeley from the 50s-00s

“The chancellor’s job is to provide parking for the faculty, and athletics for the alumni, and sex for the students.” To be fair, he seems to have been talking about what the job seems to become if one is not careful, not what he thought it should be.


One of the most distressing tasks of a university president is to pretend that the protest and outrage of each new generation of undergraduates is really fresh and meaningful. In fact, it is one of the most predictable controversies that we know. The participants go through a ritual of hackneyed complaints, almost as ancient as academe, while believing that what is said is radical and new.

Thanks to commenter Ann+K over at the orthosphere for putting me on to him.

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Deevs said...

Maybe he could have saved himself some time by posting a list of common outrages from college freshman outside his office.