Saturday, February 15, 2020

Mondo Again

Duplantis breaks his own world record by a bit.  I show the video because of the slo-mo at the end showing how he does it, and how far he was above the bar for that.  He was a little close on the lead in, but I think he might have cleared the bar by 5 INCHES.  The record will be repeatedly broken this year, so long as he doesn't get injured.  Vaulters, BTW, don't peak until their late 20's, though this one may have developed earlier because of early coaching by his father, who was a world-class vaulter in his day.

I promise I won't show you every one. Now that you know he's there, you can keep track of him yourself.

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Galen said...

I hope Duplantis takes huge chunks out of the WR instead of salami-slicing it the way Sergei Bubka did in the 80s and 90s (he was paid a bonus each time he broke a WR).