Saturday, February 08, 2020

Cost of Programs

I have not watched or followed any of the debates.  Is anyone saying to the others that this or that program costs too much and we can't afford it?  I recall that a few months ago a few were saying that to some others about specific programs.  Is that still the case?


DirtyJobsGuy said...

I was reading parts of Amity Shlae’s “Coolidge” a week ago and it was astonishing to realize that he was the last great budget cutter. His administration would trumpet each cut to public acclimation. I think part of the success was that the scandals of the Harding administration were blamed on excess government spending.

His young son had a summer job picking tobacco in Deerfield Massachusetts and the story ran on of the other kids told him “If my dad was president I wouldn’t be working here” to which young Coolidge replied “If your dad was my dad you would!”. This was not just a Republican thing, rich kid Robert McNamara and future Secretary of Defence, took a job as a merchant seaman for a year in a tramp freighter.

Christopher B said...

I haven't watched but have followed VodkaPundit's Drunkblogs of the debates. Bringing up the cost of Medic(aid)are-for-All was popular when the third tier candidates were trying to cut Warren down. As far as I could tell from Stephen Green's commentary on the Goffstown debate, costs don't matter any more.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

My grandfather was a chauffeur out of North Station in Boston in the 20s and 30s and drove Coolidge out to Northampton several times after his arrival into Boston by train. He didn't like him much. He liked Henry Cabot Lodge better.