Friday, November 15, 2019

Lead-in to the Top Ten

I have actually left a few of the most visited posts out of the list, as I thought right from the beginning I would eventually do.  My post about Snake Den State Park in Rhode Island was three short, uninteresting sentences. That traffic must be entirely driven by search engines, not anything I wrote.  I suspect something similar for a post about weight loss.  It is a very popular topic that people are always scrambling around the internet for. I am not a noted expert, nor even a clever amateur on that topic.

While the top ten in general are likely much beholden to random searches for my topics, I think I gave some value added on most of them.  These last ten are quite varied in topic.  And they aren't really the last ten reprints anyway.  I have a fun followup to all this.

Fun for me, that's who.

1 comment:

Sam L. said...

Snake Den State Park would likely be the most off-putting name for a park. May I suggest a "contest" for your readers to come up with other, possibly much more off-putting names. Indeed, I'm rather surprised that you didn't.