Monday, January 14, 2019


I have just about all the oppressor categories nailed. White, male, Christian, straight, cis, big fan of Western Civ.  Old, I forgot old, which doesn't get mentioned as often but I think is secretly one of the big ones, as the oppressed seem very worried about keeping up with fashion, and old guys are notoriously bad at that.

I was never in the military, but two of my sons are/were, so I don't think I get a clean escape there.  I work for a state government, but it's NH, so I'll bet there's some deduction on that one. Recently I learned that mowing my lawn and keeping up my house are problematic, and I have finally learned to do that after all these years.  I suppose I could plead that I don't do it very well, but I doubt the judges will be kind. There's way too much Anglo-Saxon in me, and even the exceptions are Scots-Irish, plus an Irishman and a Welshman. I think I do confuse the issue with 25% Scandinavian DNA.  It's really, really, white, but on the other hand, the oppressed seem to think that Scandinavia is the Promised Land.

I used to play the guitar, but that doesn't help as much as it once did. Being a CS Lewis fan has long been a black mark in some circles, and now even Tolkien is coming under suspicion.  It won't be long.  GK Chesterton would cause the Twitter judges to throw up their hands in horror, if they knew who he was. All the fun retro activities that were tolerated were moved to neutral, and now wrongthink.

I'm not a capitalist by career, but my retirement money is in stocks and bonds, so I'm poisoned. I haven't divested from anything so long as it made money.  I suppose there are some things I wouldn't buy.

I'm also grouchy and critical and don't suffer fools gladly (though who does, really, as Eddie Izzard notes). So when you hear about oppressors, I think the name David Wyman should be the picture that comes to mind.  I have to admit, I thought being an oppressor would be more remunerative. I must not be all that smart.


Donna B. said...

I can forgive you the guitar and working for the government since you're grouchy and critical.

Armed Texan said...

I can forgive AVI for working for the NH government because it is one of the most efficient governments in the world. It has to be; we give it so little resource that most any waste would be immediately noticed. (I'm sure there's still waste, but on a scale so small that even the lowest mandarin in Massachusetts would call it amateur.)

Sam L. said...

OK, you're a TERRIBLE person, but we kinda do like you, so we're all out here fence-sitting for the immediate (and not-immediate) future.

HMS Defiant said...

I know. I always pictured whips and leather but was never really in to kink. Sad I guess. I'm just a happy patriach or sorts and give me a few more years to find out which way the little one will lean. She's awfully close to Evergreen but she is living with a harridan of the first water but one who once upon a time learned the skill of using men. We'll see.

Texan99 said...

Scandinavians may be our heroes, but heretic Scandinavians are the WORST.