Sunday, June 24, 2018


Every child growing up in a family had different parents.


RichardJohnson said...

That rings true with my experience. My sister definitely had different experiences with our parents than I did, but she also corroborated my experiences. We had somewhat different experiences because we were different people at different stages of development, and being different people, our parents did not respond to us in a uniform manner.

Speaking of families, one of my cousins told me that when she was 14, she overheard our grandmother saying that my father acted like a JD in his younger days. This was hard for my cousin and me to imagine- my father like a JD. He certainly didn't act like one as an adult. But one of our cousins said, yes, that was exactly what HER mother had said- her mother being my father's older sister.

Donna B. said...

I am the middle child - brother, 7 years older, sister 6 years younger. I don't quite recognize the parents my siblings apparently experienced, though I don't think any of us had much to complain about.