Monday, June 04, 2018

I Miss You

I get on binges where I watch YouTubes of "Britain's Got Talent" that are suggested in my sidebar. I know I'm only making it worse by clicking some. I smile. I cry. I do like the reality of it. Someone like a Paul Potts wouldn't actually have an opera career because he doesn't look right, and there are many people with proper training who actually are better than him.  He's imitative. But he was quite real, as are all the nervous moms and rejected kids and hard-luck comeback performers.

I doubt I would like the shows as they unfold.  I don't want to wade through all those decent but uninteresting voices, those magicians and ventriloquists and comedians who are having their try but ultimately not cutting the mustard.  I like seeing only those surprising best ones that get millions of hits, the inspiring ones.

And this one just killed me.  I can't even think of it without tearing up.

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