Monday, March 19, 2018

Frozen Re-Explained

Just a browse from 2015. Toldja I had it right. I know my myths.Half a year ago, I had a major complaint about the script of Frozen, centered on the complete lack of buildup to Hans suddenly turning on Anna.  Not a hint throughout the film, and in fact, he makes a rather selfless gesture not long before.  It's just bad myth-making, bad narrative.  One might not see a turn to evil the first time, but on repeated viewings there should be hints along the way.

Apparently there were hints, and more, but they never made it to the script because of other plot considerations.  There's a fascinating explanation of those changes in this Weekly Standard article by Jonathan V. Last. Short version;  Hans was not originally evil in the script, but when the plot changed, someone had to set the last rescue scene on the ice in motion, and nothing else was ready to hand. So Prince Hans, contrary to his good nature so carefully built up in the first 90% of the movie, had to be called into service as the villain, because there was no one else there.


Boxty said...

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Unfortunately, it appears that only the first page is accessible for me.

A lot of alt-right/conservative writers have criticized Frozen for being morally degenerate and a feminist fantasy. For example,

Sam L. said...

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Christopher B said...
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Christopher B said...

Boxty, Sam .. I had the same problem until I clicked on the printer icon near the top of the article and it expanded. YMMV though.

I'm not sure I entirely buy that Hans turning should be a complete surprise. I feel like I guessed at him being a potential usurper when he made his first appearance in the movie. (I didn't see the movie until my wife, who loves Disney princess movies, brought home a DVD so I could have picked up something from a review, however.) I'll agree that within the confines of the story his turn is abrupt and has little foreshadowing but otherwise he is rather extraneous to the story line of the modern Disney Princess movie. This is not 'Cinderella' or 'Sleeping Beauty' anymore where a Princess needs a Champion. Disney Princess are Strong Independent Women, especially in 'Frozen'. (It’s time to see/What I can do/To test the limits and break through/No right, no wrong/No rules for me/I’m free!) What was Hans going to be if he didn't turn out to be the villain? His evil ulterior motive provides an explanation for the kiss not being the act of true love necessary for Anna to save Elsa. Wielding the sword that does provide her the opportunity to prove her love for Elsa is an interesting symmetry, as well as fitting into the modern Princess story line of a woman no longer needing a King to be a Queen.