Thursday, March 08, 2018

From April 2006

Originally entitled "For the person who accused me of lying about this."  Zipping in "Obama" would be a better counterexample now.

In my adventures trying to find a sensible liberal blog, where issues are discussed, even if not always politely (Ed: Not like you, huh?), I was accused of making this one up. My point in the discussion was that hate speech and incitement to violence were more prevalent on the left, having penetrated from the leftist fringe to the average Democrat (the owner of the car with this sticker has a Master's degree and is a socially graceful coworker). The equivalent on the Right, those with the "I Don't Brake For Liberals" stickers remain on the fringe.

Actually, it's not a bad site, and I will write up my adventure, and a lesson learned, soon. For now, here's the bumper sticker that doesn't exist. Imagine zipping in the name "Jesse Jackson" or "Hillary Clinton," if you still think it's just lighthearted humor.

Hate Speech?


Sam L. said...

Yup! As for not braking for a lib, the only way I could be fairly certain is to see a Che t-shirt on one.

HMS Defiant said...

I have to admit, I kind of stopped even looking for anything more left than, say, Maggiesfarm. I don't wander much further to the right than that either. Natural centered, that's how I am.
The level of hate on the left is simply unbelievable and it doesn't appear that they realize that they have no limits. There is nothing they wouldn't do right now to Trump and yet, so far as I can tell, he hasn't upset a single one of their precious applecarts. DACA? All he did was tell Congress that he didn't support ruling by decree and if they didn't sit down and WRITE a LAW that covered the issue he was simply planning on telling the appropriate authorities to ENFORCE THE EXISTING LAW. It's weird how the left responded to that like he was going to lynch everyone....

Right wing whackjobs aren't as entertaining.

Sam L. said...

HMS D, the left has no (NO; N O) sense of proportion. Their pissed-off switch is set to ON and safety-wired to stay there.