Monday, November 02, 2015

The Onion

I went over to the Onion for an older article I was trying to track down.  It was always more liberal than conservative, but more often neither, and generally pretty spot-on funny.

It is much more strongly liberal snark, relying on mainstream journalism stereotypes for its humor now. Usually, just not funny, unless you think "hey, conservatives are stupid" is Wildean in its deftness.  Very sad.  One doesn't mind the skewering - in our better moments we even welcome the criticism with a wince - when it's a least somewhat evenhanded.  O'Sullivan's First Law comes into play again.


Sam L. said...

Ah, The Random Spammer Strikes Again. Yes, O'Sullivan's Law seems iron clad.

dmoelling said...

When no politics are involved the Onion can be really funny, but as they grew they aspired to be mini-Jon Stewarts not 1970s PJ ORourkes. The closed shop in entertainment and journalism is much tighter than Irish Cops in Boston.

indra said...

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