Friday, November 13, 2015

College Protests

I think I'm not looking at this quite the same way others are.  I'll get something on the page this weekend.


james said...

I only know "what I read in the papers" about Missouri U, and have learned not to trust that very far--they often don't even get the sign right. The fecal swastika (assuming it existed) doesn't sound like any sort of devoted Nazi's work, the the KKK claim was already walked back, and I have no measure for how often "racial slurs" are flung around. I can believe they still are; I had some epithets flung at me (a bit over 35 years ago) from passing cars stuffed with students. Not fun--if they'd stopped the car to make something of it they outnumbered me and doubtless ran faster too.

UW had a little march on Bascom Hill, which I gather made the usual noises--since I'm downtown now I missed it. (I think I'll live.)

Do they have anything substantive to complain about?

I don't know. The students in my neck of the woods are dedicated and disciplined, and generally seem to go along with the mores of the elite. I say "generally" because I get a hint of a little reserve from some of the Chinese students. I don't know what the kids say when they get plastered--it might be enlightening.

If I have to use just my observations on campus and the bus, I'd have to conclude that there is little or no harassment or invidious discrimination against black students, and that the protests are a fashionable tribal ritual.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

I was writing my next post as you put this up.

As for racial slurs, I recall an incident at college in which a black man misunderstood what I had said and thought I had said something bigoted. It was so awful that I apologised for even coming close to saying it, for not being smart enough to hear my own words and how they could easily have been misheard. I don't think he believed me, but he was a person of great good will, and tried to be friendly thereafter.

Unknown said...

I don't have any deep insight but I do wonder if there is a subset of privileged Westerners who crave DRAMA, to the point of manufacturing it, even when it is rather preposterous. It is kinda interesting that they can't step out of their own moccasins and see how it might be perceived by others who are not invested in it. Or, it could be nothing more than a need to be the center of attention, by those who think they ought to be the center of everyone else's world, even perfect strangers.

Christopher B said...

I've only seen a few of the UM demands but they stood out to me as things I wouldn't expect from undergrads without a certain amount of coaching, such as a demand to hire more minority faculty and multi-million dollar budgets for various campus organizations. Given GOP dominance in state government it sounds this is a funding battle as much as anything.