Saturday, November 07, 2015

European Immigrants

Instapundit put up this link from The American Interest EU Projects 3 million refugees and migrants in2016. Some comparison is made to the peak years of mostly European immigration to America, 1880-1924. We responded to that by dramatically reducing immigration at that point, but I think there was another connection that is not often made.  It is also why we had Prohibition. There was a dual idea that we had to make sure all these foreigners learned how to behave properly, and we feared what they would do drunk.  Also, there is usually a sentiment in all societies that if the good people are really, really good, God will bless the whole nation. So we got swept into a crazy whirlwind of an idea that a majority opposed.

There might thus be other odd things that happen if Europe keeps receiving such large numbers of folks very different from their current selves.


Sam L. said...

The Muslims seem unlikely to turn to drink.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Yes, which is why I made no prediction what Europe would do about their arrival.

Anonymous said...

Trying to produce virtue by having the government mandate rules, is one thing, but it's not Christian.