Thursday, October 15, 2015

Notice to Europeans

Blogger tells me I have to give some notice or other about cookies to Europeans.  I can't make heads or tails of it.  My stats page tells me that pageviews from Russia are a distant second to my US hits, and a short list of Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland and the like vie for an even more-distant third.  I can believe that Australia and the UK might provide the occasional visitor on the basis of chance encounters with the name, but I can't fathom that the others would be anything but spamming companies.

Yet I figure I should ask, just in case.  Any Europeans out there among the readers?  And do you know what it is I am supposed to warn you about? I come in peace.  I mean you no harm.


james said...

I haven't connected to this blog from Switzerland for several years now, so that must be somebody else.

I don't have any counters running, or ads set up, so I think the only cookies on my page are Blogger's responsibility. Very vanilla.

DOuglas2 said...

If you open your blog with an EU blogspot address (i.e.: or via an ISP physically located in the EU, then you can see that blogger have done this for you already.